30 Android Interview Questions and Answers

30 Android Interview Questions and Answers

The Necessary Preparation for Cracking an Android Interview  

It is prudent to state that you are making yourself prepared for the Android Interview?

In case you are then as an issue of the first significant thing that you need to do is to make yourself orchestrated with some Android Interview Questions.

Android is the advancement that is driving the universe of digitization thus it is the best stage to have better than average occupations. The clarification behind such a course of action is that you will have the ability to rouse the examiner the most and you won’t be surprised by any question that they ask.

You may think where to get such a request which may be asked. We have taken the torment to orchestrate such a request here so you imagine that it’s more straightforward to encounter those and be prepared. Other than being set up for the meeting concerning request there are alternate points of view that you need to consider. You’re visiting plan should be with the true objective that you are not late in accomplishing the meeting scene. It is perfect to be spot on time than to be late. The accompanying thing is the dress that you wear; you ought to be sharp looking and should wear formal attire. Endeavor to have organized eye contact with the examiner; this will help you to have a particular level of sureness. The exact opposite thing that you ought to be set up about is to make your viewpoint up with the ultimate objective that you don’t get alarmed by any situation.

It may so happen that even in the wake of taking such availability you don’t know an answer. Make an effort not to get unnerved, put aside your chance to recollect the fitting reaction and after that give the correct one. It is perfect to tell the examiner that you can’t review a suitable reaction than to give a wrong answer. Directly as you understand what the courses of action that you need to take give us a chance to go to the questions that you may be asked.

What is Android?

It is the nature of the open-sourced operating system that is used in mobile devices. It is based on Linux kernel and has made available options for developers to create and to run apps that can be sued for running basic and advanced functions.

What do you understand by Google Android SDK?

There is a requirement of a toolset that developers require for writing apps on devices that are Android enabled. Google Android SDK is that toolset. The toolset makes available a graphical representation of the handheld Android enabled device to the developer and by using that they can test and even debug the codes that they write.

Tell about the components of Android Architecture?

There are basically four components in an Android Architecture. They are:

  • Linux Kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android Framework
  • Android Application

What is the nature of the framework used by Android?

It is an important aspect of Android Architecture. It is the place where the developers will be able to find the classes and methods that are required for the development of Android applications.

What is AAPT?

AAPT is Android Asset Packaging Tool. The capability to deal with zip compatible archive which can be used for creation, extraction and also to view the content is given to the developer by this means.

You may have seen that the Android Interview Questions that are asked are known to you. You might think why you ought to peruse those sets which are known to you, as advised prior it is ideal to peruse those so that your insight base stays clear and you don’t need to think while replying. The inquiries might be blended and you need functional information to answer those. The planning ought to be strong so that there is no way of you not having the position offered. Begin the planning days before the meeting so you discover time to experience every one of the inquiries and have an outlook with respect to how to answer those. There is no necessity to retain these answers. I am stating this as in light of the fact that it might prompt issues while you seat to give the interview. On the off chance that you overlook a piece of the appropriate response then it is hard to recall. Thus, the best thing to do is to have a perspective of the appropriate response and take after that organization while you really answer while you are giving the interview.

Explain Run time in Android?

The Android run time is the motor that forces aggregate and runs your applications and, alongside the libraries, core library, and c/c++, shapes the reason for the application system. The run time condition is the thing that makes an Android telephone an Android telephone. Counting the core libraries and the Dalvik VM android run your application on Android phone.

Why is Activity Creator used?

It is the first step towards the creation of a new Android project. The shell script that makes up the activity creator can be sued for the creation of a new file system that allows writing codes that are within the Android IDE.

State the difference between activity and services?

An activity can be shut, or ended at whatever time the client wishes. Then again, services are intended to keep running off-camera, and can act freely. Most administrations run persistently, paying little heed to whether there are sure or no activities being executed.

What are the essential stages of activity?

There are four essential stages of inactivity. They are:

  • Active: It is when the activity is happening in the foreground.
  • Paused: This is when the activity is happening in the background but is still visible
  • Stopped: In this, the activity is not visible and it is hidden or has been stopped by another activity
  • Destroyed: It is when the process of activity is completely stopped or terminated.

What are the items that are very important in every Android Project?

There are certain items that are present whenever a new Android project is created. They are:

  • xml
  • xml
  • bin/
  • src/
  • res/
  • assets/

Tell the steps that you need to follow for the creation of bounded services through AIDL?

There are basically three steps that are included in such a process. They are:

  • Creation of the .aidl file: This defines the interface that is used in the programming.
  • Implementation of the interface: For this, the inner abstract Stub class has to be extended and the implementation of the methods associated is required.
  • Expose the interface: By this, the application is made available to the user.

You must have noticed that the Android Interview Questions that we have assimilated over here are of two types. Some are basic while some are application-oriented. That is the way the questions are asked in a true interview. The interviewer wants to judge whether you have the capability to apply your knowledge about Android to the usage when they are required in practical life. You must be prepared with such questions so that you are not caught on the wrong foot. The answers to these questions may be known to you but then also preparation is required so that you can give a quick response when asked. This will help you to show the confidence that you have on the subject and its practical usage. The main purpose of the interview is to impress the interviewer the most so that they cannot think of another name rather than yours for the position available.

Tell about the importance of Android in the mobile field?

Engineers can compose and enrol applications that will particularly keep running under the Android condition. This implies each cell phone that is Android empowered will have the capacity to support and run these applications. With the developing notoriety of Android cell phones, designers can exploit this pattern by making and transferring their applications on the Android Market for appropriation to any individual who needs to download it.

How is the escape used in Android?

They are used by adding two backslashes before them.

What are the types of data that are supported by AIDL?

There are certain data types that are supported by AIDL, they are:

  • string
  • char sequence
  • List
  • Map
  • all native Java data types like int, long, char and Boolean

What are the loops that are used while activity is monitored?

There are basically three loops that are used while monitoring activity, they are:

  • Entire lifetime – when the activity happens between the onCreate and the onDestroy
  • Visible lifetime – when the activity happens between the onStart and the onStop
  • Foreground lifetime – when the activity happens between the onResume and the onPause

So now, you know a segment of the questions that you may be asked at such an interview. There are diverse questions that you ought to be organized with the objective that you don’t blunder while you give a reaction to a question asked. Allow us to see a part of the other Android Interview Questions that you may be asked.

Why is the intent filter used?

Intent filters are used since each segment needs to show which intent they can react to, an intent filter is utilized to sift through intents that these segments will get. At least one intent filter is conceivable, contingent upon the administrations and exercises that will make utilization of it.

What are the states upon which a process is based?

There are basically four states upon which a process is based. They are:

  • Foreground activity
  • Visible activity
  • Background activity
  • Empty process

When do you see that ANR occur?

There are two conditions when ANR dialog is displayed to the user. The conditions are:

  • If there is no response to input within 5 seconds
  • When a broadcast receiver is not done within 10 seconds.

How can ANR be prevented?

One procedure that keeps the Android framework from finishing up a code that has been responsive for a drawn-out stretch of time is to make a child thread. Inside the child thread, a large portion of the genuine workings of the codes can be put, so that the principle thread keeps running with negligible times of inert circumstances.

You must have noticed as I was saying earlier that the questions that the interviewer is asking are about the basic concept of Android but having an implication in the practical field. It is better to have the concept clear so that no such incident occurs where you find yourself in a position where you find yourself difficult to come out. The interviewer’s motive is to access whether you have the ability to apply your knowledge to the practical field. Having a look at these Android Interview Questions will help you to demonstrate that in front of the interviewer.

Tell the proper way of setting up an Android device for the development of the app?

The below steps have to be followed to set up the Android device for the development of an app. The steps are:

  • The application has to be declared as debuggable in the Android Manifest
  • USB Debugging has to be turned on the device
  • The system is to be set up to detect the device

What do you know about AndroidManifest.xml?

This document is basic in each application. It is pronounced in the root catalog and contains data about the application that the Android framework must know before the codes can be executed.

Explain containers in Android Application?

As the name suggests they are compartments that contain the objects and the widgets together depending on the specific items that are needed in a particular arrangement. It can hold labels, the fields, the buttons, or even child containers.

Is it that all mobile phone supports the Android operating system which is the latest?

Some Android-powered telephone enables you to move up to the higher Android working framework rendition. Be that as it may, not all overhauls would enable you to get the most recent form. It depends to a great extent on the ability and specs of the telephone, regardless of whether it can bolster the more up to date includes accessible under the most recent Android variant.

Which is the element that can occur only once but must be there in Android applications?

The element “and” can only occur once and must be there in an Android application. The other elements can occur as many times those are needed.

Why should there be setting up permission in app development?

The setting up of permission allows certain restrictions to be imposed which are necessary for the protection of data and the codes. If this is not set codes can be compromised and that will result in having improper functions.

What is the language that is supported by Android applications?

The main language that is supported in Java. It is the most popular language for the development of an app and that is the reason for it being used in the development of Android app development.

What is the importance of Dalvik in applications relating to Android?


It serves as the virtual machine and that is the place where the applications pertaining to Android runs. By using Dalvik there can be multiple virtual machines executed by a device and they can be run efficiently by having better memory management.

What do you understand by a portable wi-fi hot spot?

It allows the sharing of the internet connection used by the mobile to other devices that are wireless. Like by the usage of the Android phone of yours as the wi-fi hot spot you can connect other devices like your laptop to the internet.

Generally, these are the sorts of requests that are asked in the midst of a meeting identifying with Android. However, all said and done it must be said that there is a component of insecurity associated with an interview. It is perfect to set up the above Android Interview Questions. The crucial clarification behind such a plan is that so that the examiner does not have the ability to find a place where they can make you bow down. The request that we have inspected above may now be giving off an impression of being direct yet when you arrange yourself at the hot seat they may be difficult to recall if they are not particularly orchestrated. Accordingly, arrange quite a while before you take off for the interview. In the midst of the meeting keep a quiet personality. With a particular true objective to bewilder you, they may express the clear thing in a different manner to confuse you. Thus, put aside your chance to dismember the question before you give a suitable reaction. Make yourself clear concerning what they are endeavoring to ask then answer the questions. If you have any confusion clear it before answering.





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