Best SSRS Interview Questions & Answers

Best SSRS Interview Questions & Answers

So you’re onto the pursuit of driving into Top Selections as an SSRS Specialists or you’re just onto the quest of making your first move in an architect or lead for the role. Making clever know-how about the interview should be on your mind because the Interviewee has to get you clear that you’re just not better, but best in handling any query advancing with your work. You can peg your way as a developer on a high-end profession over Desktop and Web Application, a savvy Database Admin, QA Testers and Tech Supports like a Pro. We are here to gear you up for your upcoming interviews with these custom questions SSRS Interview Questions that are making a high chance of prompting during chore interviews.

Digging onto some basics we will guide you from here the Basic SSRS Interview Questions so that it would be more in point. For the rest of the questions, we have a practical baseline of how useful SSRS is and what techniques are powerful in the Business Field.

What is SSRS?

 Answer: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a high-performance Business Intelligence Application for server-based reporting, administered by a web-interface. It allows us to create rich and custom report visualizations like tabular, matrix and graph type report from different data sources.

Tell us something about the Reporting Services Architecture.

Answer: The Reporting Services has a multi-tiered scalable architecture that includes Application, Server, and Data Layers. The integrated components that account to Reporting Service Architecture are

  • Report Manager (web-based admin tool to manage report server)
  • Report Designer (a report is designed or created here)
  • Reporting Service Browser Types
  • Reporting Server (provide services to implement and deliver reports)
  • Some Command Line Utilities
  • Database, Extensibility, and Data Sources of the Reporting Service
  • An HTTP Listener here monitors incoming requests to HTTP.SYS by a specific port on a local machine. These credentials are configured through URL references.
  • A browser-based interface from ASP.NET is used to manage reporting services that form the Reporting Manager.
  • Reporting Services: User or application access and requests are authenticated by the authentication layer such as NTLM authentication, Basic Authentication, Custom form authentication, and anonymous access.
  • Web services provide a programmatic interface to reporting services.
  • ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB are the database instances used in reporting services, also temporary storage access is instantiated through the ReportServerTempDB.

What are the core components of SSRS?

Answer: The core integrated components of SSRS are

  • Report management tools that allow creating, viewing and managing the reports.
  • Report server to export reports through various formats like HTML, PDF, TIFF, Excel, CSV, etc
  • API to integrate custom applications and tools that manage reports.

What is a Data Set in a Report? Also, tell us about which databases are compatible with SSRS?

 Answer: Data Set is the set that is to be shown in the report and the data source is the source of data which includes credentials like database server name, database connection string. SSRS is compatible with relational and multidimensional data sources like Oracle, OLEDB, ODBC, SQL Server Analysis Service, SAP Net Weaver BI, Hyperion and of course MS SQL SERVER.

 Which are the different SSRS Reports?


  • Linked reports
  • Click-through reports
  • Parameterized reports
  • Sub-reports
  • Snapshot reports
  • Cached reports
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Drill-down reports
  • Drill-through reports

How is SSRS useful? How can you recommend SSRS for a growing platform?

 Answer: You can support this question by stating the benefits drawn by this reporting service during the time of SSRS Interview. The answer can be made with respect to the pros that can be attained with this reporting service. Efficient models, deployment time, product delivery and other stats can be explained here to make your answer sound intellectual as you will be working for the same. Some Key points to your SSRS selecting recommendations while interviewing are guided below.

  • With SSRS, we get Easy Deployment through centralized reporting infrastructure based on MS Reporting Services. Reports are stored on the Central-SQL server, which allows application storing and management separately.
  • We get an efficient direct Reporting Access for information in Oracle and MS SQL Server DB.
  • Faster Production and Delivery of Reports with relational and Cube Data can be attained at a maximum level with this Robust Reporting Service.
  • We get the ease of Information management with self-serving, editing, and interactive type capabilities.
  • Efficient Pricing Models for both entry and enterprise-level installations that make best provisions to Business Intelligence in a democratized way. It can make better productivity with its faster servicing.
  • We get Report Definitions in an XML form that makes it easier to access and efficient workability
  • Also while working over the development criteria here, every report element is to be attached with a dataset based upon a data source.
  • We know, it’s big trouble with simple cross tab report generation and management. Fortunately, SSRS provides a matrix type report that can specify row, column, and the data field. Thus no more struggle with complex queries and table formatting.
  • SSRS report management allows creating a simple free form layout typed report that repeats each data item which can be descriptive.
  • The entire functionality here is exposed as a Single Web Service where you can create, manage, and view reports using various methods.
  • Security aspect is managed in a role based manner and can be applied to folders and reports as well.
  • All reports have separate norms of parameters that are mandatory from users. Once passing on with the parameters the UI is automatically generated on the basis of that.

It’s a new generation Reporting Service with big capabilities just similar to Crystal Reports, but has a good object oriented performance, and can give ease of access. A growing platform can make use of SSRS reporting services as it gives a greater extensibility and sourcing options for cross platforms.

How a Report is accessed traditionally? And what is the SSRS way of accessing Reports?

 Answer: Traditionally or the normal way of accessing Reports is usually done by instantiation of report writer runtime. With SSRS Reporting Services we have two ways to do that:

  1. URL specifications of the particular report on the reporting server.
  2. or making a specific call over the Reporting Server

Types of Report Rendering Mechanism for SSRS.

Answer: There are several ways of export options to this reporting Service:

  • Acrobat
  • XML
  • Tiff (image)
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • And of course, custom creations for rendering mechanism

Explain the Query Parameters in SSRS.

 Answer: Your answer here can be either descriptive or practical. Our suggested answer for this SSRS interview Question is as follows:

Query Parameter is nothing but the input parameters that have been passed to the SSRS RDL files through a query string. These can be multivalued or single-valued as per parameter value.  Example: If one report is TestQueryParameter.rdl with two parameters Id and Name, the two parameters can be passed to report with the help of a query string

http://localhost/reports/ TestQueryParameter.rdl?Id=24&Name=Mark

These parameters here above declared can be used in a dataset of SSRS report to filter corresponding data.

 Also for a descriptive answer, the following can be supported.

 Query Parameters are input controlled parameters that can be either single or multi-valued. These input controls are present on user-interface when report is executed, which is the RDL file.

Usually, SSRS creates UI controls based on the input parameters that are passed to TSQL to get the dataset for the corresponding report file.

Q: Can we deploy SSRS reports on our personal website?

Answer: Reports unfortunately can be only deployed on a reporting service site. Viewing can be done instead through other sites like an HTTP Link, or tools like SharePoint that offers controls allowing you to view reports in the context of the other websites, but the report is still deployed to and hosted from reporting services.

Describe the Users connecting limit when we run SSRS on Windows XP.

Answer: Well it can limit the number of Users when we run it with a Windows XP System but the reason probably is not SSRS. The IIS Internet Information Services component of Windows XP can only allow a small number of users t connect within the network that has been provided at once. Also, only the Developer Edition can be installed over Window XP, which is merely not complied with for the production use. Only Standard or Enterprise Edition is appreciated for production use that requires Server Operating System like Win2003 Standard or 2008 Standard.

Crystal Reports and SQL Reporting Services: compare these on the Basis of Efficiency.

Answer: These Business Intelligence Applications take data from valid data sources of varied forms and generate reports providing decision support information. Both of these are not fully object oriented report writer but are object based with respect to a rich object model. Both SSRS and Crystal Reports have vast similarities but differences mainly strike on the basis of the performance orientation they offer.

Crystal and SSRS Reporting Tool provide various formatting options like watermarks, tooltips, dynamic formatting, suppressing duplicates, date formatting and numeric/currency formatting, expressions calculated fields. Crystal Report support CSS, text rotation or TF rendering SRS don’t.

SSRS is a better option for a modern user who is more concerned with performance and ease of use. While Crystal Reporting has been more common from a long time as it has existed for a longer period of time.

What are sub reports? And can you tell us if the sub reports can be different from the parent report?

 Answer: Sub Reports are Child Reports which opens in main report when it loads. Parameters can be passed to sub reports. And thus the two terms parent reports and sub reports data source can be different.

What is an RDL file? Why is it used?

 Answer: RDL is Report Definition Language. During the time of saving a Report, the file is saved with the extension as .rdl for example ReportName.rdl. This .rdl file is used for deploying report to report server.

Explain Logical Page Breaks in SSRS.

 Answer: The Page Breaks’ that you insert before or after report items or groups are logical Page Breaks. These generally define how content is fitted to a report page for optimal viewing experience during rendering or exporting of reports.

  • Logical Page Breaks are strictly applied for visible items during the current rendering of a report without any conditional viewing.
  • Space is saved with a report item with the logical page break and its peer items.
  • Logical page breaks are usually not defined for table or matrix cells, but only for lists.

What IDE is best recommended for SSRS Reports?

 Answer: It depends upon your hands-on experience of how you tackle with this SSRS Interview Question. You’re coming from a programming background; hence you’re probably going to support your answer with the Visual Studio Data Tools. If you are more into Microsoft Office Suite, it’s basically the Report Builder that is going to standby in your workplace. Though both Tools are much equivalent, it’s all about the work line basics that you’re going to opt for. You can suggest your answer best suited as Visual Studio. Also, SQL Server Data Tools provides support for SSRS Projects.

What are the Cascading Parameters in SSRS Reports?


Answer: Cascading Parameters can help into more quicker, easier, and intuitive selction process on the basis of parameters passing.


For Example:

  • If we have a Parameter A stating distinct year values in a dataset according to the corresponding users.
  • And Parameter B that’s a model based on selected year, user can retrieve list of all models made in the corresponding year. And there by subsequent parameters would continue to filter similarly.

In short a cascading parameter, based on a parameter value, the another can be filtered depending upon the previous one.

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    Почему постоянно выкидывает из приложения?
    Самая распространенная причина – нестабильное интернет-соединение. Другой вариант – ошибка в установке программы. В этом случае нужно удалить и установить ПО на гаджет заново. Нередко на работу утилиты влияет переполненный кэш. Достаточно «почистить» смартфон от мусорных файлов. Если это не помогло, обратитесь в саппорт компании.
    Нужно ли зеркало для скачивания приложения Леон на Android?
    Букмекерская контора Leon – официально зарегистрированная организация на территории РФ. Доступ к ее ресурсам открыт, поэтому зеркало и другие инструменты обхода блокировки не понадобятся.
    Как связаться со службой поддержки в приложении Леон?
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