Google’s Tricky Interview Questions & Answers

Google’s Tricky Interview Questions & Answers

The Questions You Must Be Prepared with To Have A Job in Google

Google is one of the reputed companies where all wants to have a job. There are certain things that you must be aware of while you are appearing for an interview at Google. The nature of google interview questions is quite different from the other interviews that you have attended. They ask tricky questions to judge you. We will certainly look into that during our conversation. There are certainly other things that you must be aware of while appearing for an interview at Google. You must be an expert in the subject that you are applying for when you seek a job at Google. Improve the coding skill that you have so that you can impress the interviewer. You should directly apply for the job to Google than through a company. You need to grow a specialty and become “T Shaped” as it is called in Google. The resume that you submit to Google must not only contain the educational qualification that you have and the experience that you can share but also should mention other interest of yours. Show how experienced you are in performing in open source projects. Do show how passionate about technology and the company. Make them understand how your presence will help the company. These are the things that you must be aware of while appearing for an interview there. Now let us see what types of question you must be prepared with. The questions asked may seem to be tricky but they are asked to judge your presence of mind, your problem tackling ability and the nature of mindset up you have when you are in an atmosphere where teamwork is required.

Can you explain how many golf balls will fit in a school bus?

This may be the first amongst the google interview questions you are asked. You may be thinking that it does not have any link with the subject matter that you have studied or with the work nature that you have applied for. Yes, it is true but the interview wants to judge whether you can explain the main challenges that you face while solving a problem. You should analytically explain to them what you think about the problem and how you intend to solve it.  The answer to this question will defer from candidate to candidate. If you say that 100 balls will fit, then you must analytically and with logic explain to them why your answer is 100 and not 500.

Is your IQ over 130?

This may be the next question that you are asked. The reason for asking such a question is to judge Intellectual Humility. The answer definitely should not be yes. This nature of answer shows your insecurity and self-exaggeration that you can show.

What should we have for dinner tonight?

This may the next trickiest question that you are asked. Generally what we think about the answer is that we should tell “As you wish” or ask them what they would love to have. The answer should not be so. The question is asked to see if you could take up leadership. So, you must directly say the items that you think they must have for dinner tonight. This nature of answer will show that you are willing to take leadership and that you are prepared to have so.

What do you think about yourself-incompetent or lazy?

The answer to this question should be that I think myself as active and clever.

What is your track record of doing something well?

The answer that you give to this question should be smart. The answer should be that it does not generally happen with me. At the end of the day, I find that is still something that needs re-solving. Answer of this nature will show the interviewer that you have the right skill for solving problems.

The questions that you will be asked will look tricky but they defiantly have a purpose to solve. In order to answer correctly to these google interview questions, you must think out of the box. You must try to judge why that question is asked which does not have any relation to the job that you have applied. If you think in that manner then you will be able to understand the reason for asking such a question and it will help you to answer that properly.

Explain what is the weight of Empire state Building?

Like this question is asked to judge your thought process. It is asked to see how well you are in doing “guestimate” as it is told. If you are good at maths then you may come up with an answer like 1.5 billion pounds but the real thing that they wish to see what is the thought process that you have.

Can you explain why manhole covers are round?

The answer to this question is that the reason for the round shape is that so that man does not fall through the hole. Any other shape will fall through the hole except round.

Can you explain “dead beef”?

The answer that you may be thinking to give is that “beef is always dead”. The answer is wrong. The correct answer is that it is a value which is hexa-decimal in nature which used to be used for debugging mainframe days so that it was easier to notice while marking and helps to find specific memory in various pages in the hex dump.

So, you can clearly understand the pattern of asking questions while you are giving an interview in Google. They mix and match the tricky questions with those which are based on the subject matter that you specialize in. You must be very attentive to understand what nature of the question is asked before giving any answer. You must judge whether it is that sort of tricky question asked or it does have something related to the real subject and then frame your answer. The interview and the questions are formatted in such a sense that the interviewer can judge every aspect of yours and find out if you are the one whom they can select for the job.

How can you find out the heavier ball from a collection of eight balls when you have a weighing machine?

This may be the next amongst the google interview questions that you are asked. The answer should be such so that the interviewer can visualize what you intend to do. The answer should be:

  • You should take 6 from the 8 balls.
  • Put 3 balls on each side of the weighing machine.
  • If you find that they weigh equal then the heavier ball is one of those that are left out. If they weigh different then the heavier ball is one of the 3 balls which weigh more.
  • Of these 3 balls take 2 and put them in the weighing machine, you have to continue this until you get the heavier one.

Can you explain data base to a young child?

It is machines which remember various natures of information that are there about various things. Previously it used to be remembered by people and the task was difficult. This question is asked to see how deeply you know the subject. You must agree that explaining to a small kid is difficult than explaining to a grown up. If you do not have a clear concept you will not be able to explain to a kid.

Some months are there that have 30 days some 31 how many have 28 days?

Your prompt answer is one or February. Wrong, you are entirely wrong. The answer is all the months have 28 days.

Can you say what comes after 10, 9, 60, 90, 70 and 66?

You must want a paper from the interviewer when you are asked this question. The reason of asking paper is that you may be thinking that lots of calculations have to be done. There is nothing to be calculated.  The logic which will lead you to the next number is as below:

Ten: Three words

Nine: Four words

Sixty: Five words

Ninety: Six words

Seventy: Seven words

Sixty six: Eight words

So, the next number should be such which has nine words in its spelling. It can be ninety six or ninety one.

This question is tricky but it will enable the interviewer to gauge your sense of logic.

A man claims that he can predict all foot ball match score… can you explain how?

You may be confused after hearing this question. The answer is that the score that the man predicts before the match is 0-0, and this is always correct. These natures of questions help the interviewer to judge your presence of mind.

We are mainly dealing with the tricky google interview questions that may be asked. The reason for this is that it is certain that no interviewer will be able to put you in difficulty with questions pertaining to your subject but these tricky questions may put you in difficulty. So, we are trying to solve as many of as it can be.

Can you explain which number does not belong to the series 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 21?

Your answer should be 4. Let us now see why the answer is 4. The answer to this question will come out if you add the adjacent numbers.



2+3=5 so the number 4 is not coming up when it should if it is in the series




A house which is red in colour is made of red bricks, the blue house of blue bricks then what is green house made of?

The answer is that green House is made of glass.

You are given 6 glasses where the first three is full and the last three empty, how can you arrange the glasses so that empty and full glass stand alternative and you can only move one glass?

The answer to this tricky question is that you have to empty the second glass into the fifth, if this is done then the glasses will be such placed that the empty and full glass stand one after another.

Can you explain how five minus two is equal to four?

Again this is a question which is able to confuse you and make you forget all calculations that you have learnt so far. Let us see how to tactfully answer such a question. The answer is:

5= Five, now take out f and e that is two from it, the remaining that is left iv which is Roman four.

Can you name the day which is three days after Saturday and is the day before the day before yesterday?

The answer to this question is Friday. Let us see how to derive the answer. Three days after Saturday is Tuesday, and then the day before yesterday was Wednesday. So, today is Friday.

These natures of questions are asked to see how cool you can be when you face a problem and take a proper decision when under pressure.

There are many such google interview questions which may be asked. The questions are mostly tricky and you have to have the presence of mind and a cool nature so that you can gauge the perspective in which the questions are asked and answer likewise.

If you see that your wardrobe is full of shirt and you find it difficult to find a shirt so how should you organize your closet to find easily?

This question can be answered in a different manner by different candidates. The question is aimed at software engineers. So, the answer should be how you can use different codes depending upon style, colour, shape or fit.

When you are at Google for giving a technical interview it is very common that you find such questions which have been discussed above. There are certain processes you should follow while answering the google interview questions. They are:

  • Talk and listen: Yu must be very much attentive to what the interviewer says when you answer a certain question. You may find a hint as to whether your answer is going in the right direction or not and you can likewise amend your answer.
  • Explain well: While answering a question explain properly why your answer is so. It will help you to show your thought process to the interviewer which they actually want to judge.

Some technical questions can also be asked. Like some that we see below.

What are the properties of a binary tree?

The answer is that the properties of a binary tree are:

  • There can be a maximum of two children to each node
  • There is only one path from the root node to reach a particular node.

These answers are known but the problem is that they are suddenly asked in between the tricky ones and makes them difficult to answer.

What do you understand by risk based testing?

It is a testing process that is based on the urgency of the risk that is to say the risk which is more predominated is tested first then the next. For this, there should be a proper analysis of risk and then the risk is sorted out according to emergency and the testing done.

What is the difference between a testing tool and testing technique?

  • Testing technique is a process to see whether each application is performing as it should be.
  • Testing tool is the vehicle by means of which such a testing is performed.

There can be a single technique but many tools.

Can you explain the process of a formal review?

This may be the next question amongst the google interview questions that you are asked. The answer to this question is: there are reviews of two types formal and informal. Formal review has a structured process. The process flow is:

  • Planning
  • Kick-off
  • Preparation
  • Review meeting
  • Rework
  • Follow up

There may be various other such questions which pertain to your field of technology. It is certain that you will be able to answer those. It is better to have a list of such question and have them prepared. The main problem that is faced while appearing at an interview in Google is the tricky questions that we have discussing in details. Try not to be confused by such questions and keep your mind cool while answering those. Explain the logic that leads you to your answer and in that manner, you can impress the interviewer the most. The interview is difficult but it is not which you will not be able to crack. Proper preparation is required to be successful. After reading through this I am confident that you will be the one who will be able to crack the interview and will rejoice having a job at Google.

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