10 Best Medical Representative Interview Questions & Answers

10 Best Medical Representative Interview Questions & Answers

The Questions That You May Be Asked During an Interview for Medical Representative

It is quite certain that you feel nervous before you appear for an interview. There may be various thoughts coming to your mind before you sit on the hot chair. The first thing that might be coming to your mind is a failure. You may be thinking about what others will think if you are not able to succeed. In order to make you more confident and not to face such a situation as failure let us see what can be the probable Medical Representative Interview Questions.

Let us see some of the questions that you may face during such an interview. We have tried to include the answers also so after reading through this you feel that you are more prepared than the person who will be interviewing you.

What nature of challenge would you expect to be a pharmaceutical representative?

This may be the first question that you may be asked. Puzzled after hearing the question. There is nothing to be so. The simple answer is that the main challenge that you can face is to convince the doctors to change the medication that they are generally prescribing to their patients.

What nature of responsibilities can you expect to be an MR?

This may be one of the medical Representative Interview Questions. You may be astonished having a look at the question. If you then continue reading you will be able to answer the question correctly and impress the interviewer.  The main responsibilities that you can expect to have are:

  • Responsibility to increase the sales of the company
  • You will be responsible for increasing the awareness of the medicines of that company amongst the practitioners
  • You will also be liable to increase the market share of the company
  • You definitely will be responsible for meeting your target that the company gives you
  • You must meet 6 to 7 doctors per day and fix such appointments for the next day
  • You must be able to create a relationship with the doctors so that you can convey the product information to them properly.

How can you be a successful Medical representative?

You may be thinking again a bombshell in front of you. Is it so? If it then does not stop here take the pain to read and you will be able to defuse the bomb. The simple answer to this apparently difficult question is quite simple. Just say that medicinal sales are a nature of the business which offers high turnover and to achieve that to be successful you will be requiring the following:

  • An approach which is positive
  • You need to create a good network, and you will need to focus when you are on a sales call
  • You have a communication skill which is good so that practitioners can understand at the first instant what you are trying to communicate.
  • You must have excellent knowledge about the medicinal product of the company
  • You must be able to compare your products and others and place your product in such a manner so that it stands at the top.
  • You must know what your competitors are doing to push their products so that you can counter attack those.

How can you make a practitioner prescribe your products?

This may be the next in a lot of medical Representative Interview Questions that you are asked.I can see your face for sure. It is pale and tensed after reading or hearing this question. Is it so difficult, let us see? The answer to this is that you should not at first try for big sales. You should make your presence felt by small sales say of one or two strips. The next step that you must take is to explain to the physician using all the tools that you have about the excellence of your product over others. When you are doing so, the physician will also be having the result of your product upon the patients that they have prescribed. This knowledge will make them confident about your product, and then you must push for bigger sales.

If you are able to give this answer to this particular question you can be sure that you will be having the job of the MR.

What should you expect from your manager?

You may be thinking what a tricky question it is. There is nothing called tricky if you are prepared. So, read on to be prepared. The things that you must expect from your manager are:

  • They must provide you with all the amenities that are required for the nature of the job you are doing.
  • They must give you a share of their knowledge so that you can increase sales.
  • The person should be such that they can analyze your potential properly and set a target for you which is according to your capacity.
  • He should be a person who has the openness of mind to combine his knowledge with yours to have a synergetic result.

So, do you still think it is a tricky question? Definitely, you do not think so now.

How should you manage your territory?

Let us prepare the answer to this question. Your answer should be that the approach that you should have is to analyze the customers of the area and to know their potentiality. You must then have all the sales data pertaining to that particular territory. The next step is that you must approach those practitioners and customers who have higher sales probability. As you have done this now, you are fit to call to set the appointment timings.

If you can give this answer you should not be astonished if the interviewer stops asking questions and offers you the job.

How many sales call you need to make?

This also can be a probable question that you can be asked during the interview. It is for sure you do not know the answer if you have not worked as an MR prior. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We are here to make you ready for such type of Medical Representative Interview Questions. The simple answer to this question should be that you know that the sales depend on the frequency of your visit to the physicians. So, you know that at least 10 to 12 calls have to made daily so that they remember you along with the products that you intend to sell.

How would you approach a physician who does not meet Mrs?

You may be thinking why you should visit those doctors who do not want to meet. Definitely,that should not be your mind set up or the answer. So, what should be the proper answer to this mind-boggling question? The proper answer should be that you should be following the below steps:

  • You should try to meet with the staff that is working in the clinic.
  • You should use the electronic media to send him your product information
  • You can also pass on the product information booklets to the clinics where he is attached
  • You should also try to invite him as a speaker in meetings and then approach him.

What nature of the sales cycle should you prefer?

After hearing this question, you may be thinking that your interviewer is insane. Definitely, he is not so. So, there must be a proper answer to this question also. The answer is that you should prefer the long cycle for sales if you see that the doctors in your territory are not fully aware of your products. Following this nature of cycle will give you the necessary time to share the knowledge so that they start prescribing. If on the other hand, you see that they are well conversant about your products then the short sales cycle should be preferred.

So, even before making a single sale you know what sales cycle you should follow.

What should be your style of selling to the doctors?

This can be the final question that can make or break. Are you ready with the answer? If you are not, then the pertinent answer to this question is that your selling style should be:

  • You should be clear and concise when you speak about products.
  • Use all the tools that are available to you like pictures, illustrations, and even PowerPoint presentations to convince the physicians.
  • You should not only make a statement but also make that stand by giving examples as in case studies.
  • You should always speak the truth. You should not hide the disadvantages of having your products also.
  • You should maintain a stable communiqué with the doctors.

These may be the probable Medical Representative Interview Questions which you may be asked. You are now prepared with all the questions. So, you should be able to face the interview confidently and have the job.

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