Star Method for Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Star Method for Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

What is a STAR?

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, & Result:

  • Situation:  An event, project, or challenge faced
  • Task:  Your responsibilities and assignments for the situation
  • Action: Steps or procedure taken to relieve or rectify a situation
  • Result: Results of actions taken.

These four words solve your interview worries on behavioral questions like this –

Q1) How do you handle stress and get success in your work?

Q2) How you convince your boss to accept your proposal, you know that this proposal is better for a company’s reputation but your boss didn’t notice?

Q3) Can you tell me How to set a goal and work to achieve it?

Q4) Have you ever overtime the deadline?

Q5) What was that moment when you feel proud of yourself?

Let see answers using the STAR method.

How do you handle stress and get success in your work?

You work to fulfill your needs and here everything is possible but to achieve we need to work. When the time comes to make a target successful you need to work harder and harder. There is always some kind of tension and creates a heavy load on brain and stress is automatically creates space.

Situation(S): It was a normal day as usual everything was nice and I was happy just wanted to go on holidays for a few days but as you know time changes, when I was working in my office & suddenly got the call from the boss cabin he called me urgently and gave a target which should be completed in a few hours. It was really surprising for me because till now it never happened.

Task(T): My job was to complete the given target in time but it was nearly impossible because it had many complications and I had no team with me and it may take hours and hours.

Actions(A): I have to manage everything and it should be perfect without making any mistakes, if I made a single mistake then I would be out of time. So steadily I was working with keeping calm and soft. I was facing a lot of problems I wasn’t knowing why this was happening to me. There were many calls from the boss cabin for various instructions due to this I was frustrated but tried to keep myself polite and soft. At last, a lot of hard work with full concentration and some stress successfully I submitted and was relaxed without knowing or imagining how will be my tomorrow.

Result(R): Next day I came to office and someone told me to go to the boss cabin, so without thinking I went to the cabin and welcomed me with the bouquet. But I wasn’t knowing what was happening. I was honored with a promotional letter and increment. Then I realized yesterday’s target was my test to see that I am capable of doing work in less time and with perfectness also keeping the mind calm and steady.


How you convince your boss to accept your proposal, you know that this proposal is better for a company’s reputation but your boss didn’t notice?

Most of the time it is very difficult to give a proposal to the boss and also highly risky because if it failed then problems may increase and for that, we have to go on thinking on it until we are fully confident that it will be helpful for the company also it will be loved by everyone. Once I had a situation and it was firstly terrible but after it gave me a lot of good experiences.

Situation(S):  As competition was increasing there was a need to do something revolutionary everyone was having some innovative ideas then I also got a chance to express my idea but our boss didn’t like it. I was knowing that it will be helpful for the company so I decided to convince the boss.

Task(T):  Now, I was ready for the most difficult task and that task was to get the agreement. Firstly, I tried to convince what is the aim of the project is? How can we start working on it and then what it can do? After reading everything about this I got an agreement to start the project. I was appointed as team leader now, the second problem starts it was the first time to became the group leader. Now, it was very difficult to say people will work under me and they will listen to me? There were many questions and I was quite nervous but if I will be nervous when someone will take this task and will earn credits. So I decided to go with confidence and finally I met my team.

Action(A):  Immediately we start to work on the project, everyone was supporting my decision and listening to me carefully. All of them i.e my teammates were happy and loving. The task was going with perfect speed and we need to manage it very carefully but the twist took place, the project that we were working was successfully completed by the competitors and much better than our Idea was. Due to this we were really disappointed and decided not to stop and we keep on working on it. Later, we got a message to stop this project but we were at the step of success and we would not stop. But they were strict orders. So again I convince boss and again we started to work on this. Everyone was working day and night to make our dream into reality. And the day came our dream project was successful in front of all of them. Teammates, me, boss were really happy. And that project really created records and this was one of the finest projects. This was the turning point of my life in the job.

Result(R):  By successfully completing this project, I was honored everyone seems to be happy and its credit goes to Boss and my teammates who supported me in every condition and in every situation. For this, I was honored with a bouquet and I won many hearts. Then I got more and more opportunities and made every opportunity successful.

Can you tell me How to set a goal and work to achieve it?

The life cannot be without any goals. We always do something to which we capable or we can complete it by doing less work. There are many modes of life and how and where the modes will change no one can tell. We should be ready for every situation and work hard so that we can defeat our problems. I also decided to be a CA(Chartered Accountant) I was knowing it is was very difficult but it was not impossible.

Situation(S): When I passed by 12th I decided to be a CA.(before that I will complete graduation).I will need the coaching classes and all other things. But my dream was “To be a CA” that’s all. So I was facing many problems instead of, someday I use to thought why I dream to be a CA. But then I realized without problems there is no life or someone has said: “Harder roads takes a better destination”.Many peoples were laughing at me and saying to dream bigger it’s easy but to achieve it is most difficult. But I never paid attention to them and keep on working.

Task(T): Firstly I wanted to manage everything properly i.e How to start studying, Where can I get guidance and also work hard so I will shut the mouth of people those who were trolling me. I was having many problems like there was no proper guidance or sometimes it was difficult to understand what’s going on. For that, I needed a good tutor who will teach me and give me the exact and proper command on this.

Action(A): I started studying and I fail many times but never lost my confidence because I had only one thing in my mind to be successful CA. I studied day and night train my brain to never lose hopes and work until the end. I was studying and hoping the next day will be better than previous. Never lose my confidence I was always going in one direction and continuously like water flow it always flows in one direction and it never stops.

Result(R): Always trust your hard work it will give you results someday. I also worked hard to make my dreams into reality. So nothing is impossible in this world but our dreams should be very powerful in front of the bad or worst situation. And always keep on working never let your brain sit ideal or turn into the relaxing mode.

Have you ever overtime the deadline?

Yes, it happens we are working on a new project and sometimes there is less time and more work or unfamiliar project so we require time to settle. After this, we can face many problems and problems can be anything. So just believe yourself and keep on going. We can stop anything but time goes on continuously, time never stops. Mistakes are happened by the humans and human understand to human. But sometimes it is very important to be calm and work softly, because when we overtime deadline the stress and tension both are same things but affects differently on our body.

Situation(S): I was given one target to complete and I was really unfamiliar with that topic and the time or deadline was not sufficient for me to complete. To write properly and without making any mistakes we require time and sometimes we need to do a lot of research if we are not familiar with the topic. So I required more time to research and write everything in my own words.

Task(T): The deadline was near but still I was busy doing research on the topic. There was a lot of disturbance and many of them I was called to just where I have reached. I was really frustrated, But I would not stop myself because the target was in front of me.

Action(A): As time never stops I cross or overtime the deadline and I was really unhappy by this act. I was knowing it affects the reputation but time does not listen. But I was working and working making the work perfect and trying to make fewer mistakes and wasting less time in doing same work multiple times. But I was really stressed what will happen and how my clients will react?

Result(R): When I submitted my work and got relaxed. But I was tensed what they will do because I took more time and then I will think I never think of deadline or never do anything on time. My client was happy because I have completed work perfectly, neatly and without making any mistakes. One thing I realize if you take more time no matter but your work should be perfect and still I follow this and started working and will work without losing hopes and confidence.

What was that moment when you feel proud of yourself?

For everyone, some moment/moments in life are very important or are turning point for their future. And these moments are very important should store in your mind forever. Any person who works with confidence and faith in himself will be always successful. I have many moments that felt proud and happy but I like to share one moment that moment has a special place in my heart.

Situation(S):  I was working in the company and I was not that much happy because there was fix timing for everything and it was ridiculous and not much interesting. I always wanted to do something unique and I want to have freedom so I decided to start our own business and work hard.

Task(T):  Many of them told me that starting a new business is not a game it requires the lot of hard work and also a passion for doing something unique but instead of shutting up their mouth by speaking in harsh words I decided to show the results. To start the new business there are many tasks, problems and many things which cannot be imagined because they are experienced. Firstly, starting a new business requires money that was the major problem, previously I was working in a company I had savings but they were not sufficient. So bank loans and all that stuff. To start a business should work day and night.

Action(A):  So I decided to start the new business and from next second I started to do planning. There were many problems I was unable to face but in my mind, there was only one thing and that was to start a business. To start the business we require a lot of hard work and patience, as both of these were in me. Next, as I got the targets there was need of few people who will help me and do the work i.e hiring few employees. I hired few peoples and work was going properly and neatly. As I was facing a few problems it was a new business so the problems will be there I was knowing that and I was mentally prepared for that. Starting a new business means a lot of headache and stress but I never lose confidence and go on working. Employees were also happy and there was friendly behavior in the company.

Result(R):  My hard work, patience, and passion made me a successful businessman. Firstly working for a company and then starting the own business this track is very hard to complete but it gives you a reward with the tag of successful. Keep in mind never loose hopes and confidence because success is like the shadow it is always with you but there is need of proper place and time to see it.

A successful businessman is one who never let anyone go, always take everyone with and start a new journey.

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