10 MSBI Interview Questions & Answers

10 MSBI Interview Questions & Answers

You’re going to appear for an MSBI Interview – MSBI Microsoft Business Intelligence developer job and you’re just wondering how the MSBI interview questions would be and what kind of job preferences Top MNC’s are looking for, then here’s a quickie to resolve every question of yours with a set of interview questions that have been more frequently asked during interviews.

For a Business Intelligence developer, its important to make better provisions with skills like building, implementing and supporting business intelligence solutions. Business Intelligence accounts with several stages of project works that include – Requirements and Design Logic, Physical Mapping and Design, Implementations, Testing and Deploy Strategies. And for a successful MSBI Interview – try making a bold impression with more Analytical, Technical and Effective Explaining Skills to make an insightful conclusion with necessary references and solutions you find are useful.

Before stepping onto the MSBI Interview Questions – final Questionnaires lets make on to the prerequisites so you get a broad insight on how perfectly molded you are in this profession and what more qualities can get you successful as an MSBI Professional. It’s not just about the knowledge you gather with your acclamations, but how you present your skills on to best-ever developments that can make you stand distinct among many others applying for the same.

MSBI Roles and Responsibilities: Customization and Configuration Expertise with MSBI Product Suite (SSIS | SSRS | SSAS), Understand Complex design and Architecture and be able to design cubes for Business Requirements, MS SQL Server Architecture, BI Implementation Projects, Data Management Strategies and engagement with developing plans and IT programs, assisting in Data Modeling, technical practices with vendor products, and business units, knowing about the client level of satisfaction, clients requirements, developing presentation, architecture documents, and position papers, reports, scorecards, dashboards for better understanding, SSAS, SSRS reports, good solution approach. Count on to the capabilities and you can definitely brief yourself with the yield you’re going to make as a professional.

MSBI Interview Questions can make you gain better insights into learning and understanding the core concepts of MSBI. It can absolutely worth it for if you’re going to appear a Job Interview, or just revising on to the particulars of MSBI.

Q.1 What is Business Intelligence according to you? How did it start from scratch?

Answer: This MSBI Interview Question is more sort of knowing your insight on MSBI and supporting your answers on a positive note can earn you a really good first impression. So you can start on with the term explanation as follows.

Processing a collection of data into useful information and reports for business purposes that can gain more profits and positive remarks on how appropriate decisions can be made.

Like if we are considering some set of customers who have made purchases of many products. It would seem unprocessed if we try to say it all together. But if we roughly analyze and classify as to what products are gaining more popularity among customers, we can say smartphones are popular among customers and desktop computers are less popular. You will know how important the data specification is to clarify the business profits and work benefits.

The concept of Business Intelligence started with IBM and Siebel at that time for the period of 1970-90, wherein specialists and entrepreneurs gathered for a consortium to make a valued and efficient way of managing and analyzing data. Thus, making it a broader perspective to make software that can ensure better solutions to complex business data.

Q.2 Tell us about MSBI suite and which are the various entities of MSBI?

Answer: Bi is a general term and with that various organization’s effort has made up to recreate the BI into more of a custom solution according to different tendencies. Microsoft Business Intelligence suite uses Visual Studio with SQL Server which helps in a productive approach to Business Intelligence Queries.

Information is gathered up to date and makes it more accessible for users to yield better results. With different requirements and levels of processing, it offers different tools that follow services at various levels. MSBI is classified into a complete suite of three entities:

SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services

SSAS – SQL Server Analytical Services

SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services

Under SSIS, a collection of unprocessed data is made from corresponding business-related Data Sources which is processed for desired consistencies to suit user needs and is loaded into a database.

For SSAS, the complete available data is analyzed as per policies and standards that are required for the business point. Later with this, the data is loaded onto CUBE essential analysis for generating processed data.

SSR is specifically made with SSIS and SSAS data reports that generate a report under these norms. This later becomes easier as the raw data has already been processed with the above entities.

Q. 3 How does an SSIS work?

Answer: For this MSBI interview Question try to give a detail Workability of MSBI with SSIS tendencies. As explained above an SSIS is basically processing a weak and less understandable data into a desired form.

It follows an ETL Process that is to initially get data from various sources and setting it into the data warehouse. Basically it’s an amalgamation of available resources across the business platform to source it in one place.

So, initially the resource destination can be any of the CSV form, excel, or MS Access, Binary files of SQL and other particulars. The ETL is basically Extraction, Transformation and Loading phenomena that is done at an initial stage for SSIS to make it load on to the available warehouse of data as an end form

Extraction is identification of Raw Data from a set of sources, Transformation sets the data into a normal and common form for further proceedings and Loading is generally forming Data Warehouse storage.

Q. 4 How important is the Data Warehouse?

Answer: Data Warehouse is the storing of a common typed file of resources that has been fetched from different data source through an ETL format that involves Extraction, Transformation, Loading.

The prime feature for a data warehouse is that data is generally an amalgamation of various CSV files, binary files, SQL, Oracle, Excel or Access files. Hence this data warehouse is rich in content specifications and involves all great tendencies of making a report model that serves optimum for the organization.

Data Warehouse is completely a library for all type of resources that can be used or is used in the Business Intelligence report of a particular project. So it is not suspended to only a type of variant or a singular data category. Also it is not limited according to the tendencies set. Moreover the entire data warehouse saves a lot of time as to it is the only destination to all the resource files of a particular organizations project or exposure. It helps make clever decisions with reuse of data.

Q. 5 Data Flow and Control Flow. How differently associated they are?

Answer: Data Flow is oriented with types and categories of Data based on an ETL process. Data Flow is mainly associated with their workability independent of other data sources in use. Hence it can carry on tasks on the basis of its own data results.

Control Flow is more of a precedence constraint wherein it contributes to other data values and importance for a general processing. This can result on the basis of a dependency of other constraints and tasks results associated. Which means that it wont process until it gets the previous task finished to generate results as a chain based in a complete set of conditions.

Q. 6 How is Data Viewer important for SSIS?

Answer: An SSIS project is structured within a package that is Package.dtsx file which includes detailed structure file resulting from control flow, data flow, Event handlers and explorers. Hence in order to get the data view we need to understand the package properties and similar component files. Visual Studio has a solution explorer that entitles all packages for the corresponding viewing.

Featured in SSIS as an ‘Enable Data Viewer’ option, it is mainly used to debug an SSIS Working. It can source on to minor details of components resulted here. And helps in pausing the execution to result into a data window that shows the status of a particular processing taking place in SSIS. Usually it shows the values entitled in the particular program in rows and columns.

7 List the Data Flow and Control Flow components of SSIS.

Answer: Control Flow elements are more of a control based that are dependent on previous tasks to and can’t proceed without missing on the existing variables.

The Components for this are:

  1. Structures of the Container
  2. Functions deprived from a Task
  3. Precedence that forms the control statement according to execution, container properties and tasks in an ordered flow.

A Data Flow is usually intercepted with Extraction, Transformation and Loading. And there workability is not associated with any dependency. The following are the components:

  1. Data Source with different data holders
  2. Transformation in to one relative common type.
  3. Destination Data Warehouse

 8 What are the Connections and Check Points in SSIS?

Answer: Connection Manager logically represents the connection that is associated with source and destination depending upon the  connection mappings like SQL Server, Flat File and which so ever the SSIS provides.

Check Point is duely a startup process whenever a process encounters a loss or termination right in the middle of failure during processing.

9 Which are the Transformation capabilities available with SSIS?

Answer: Transformation in ETL is basically transforming a data source of any type of file into a relative and common file type form that is set with the policies of the Data Warehouse. It usually forms as the intermediate process and primary processing term that fetches onto a million other data sources of different types into one main file. The following are the transformation associated with SSIS.

DATACONVERSION: Changing Data types of an existing column to another type.

DATAMININGQUERY: Querying against analysis, prediction graphs and controls.

DERIVEDCOLUMN: Derive a new column from existing column entities.

EXPORTCOLUMN: export a specific content of column to another database

FUZZYGROUPING: Data Cleansing by eliminating duplicates

FUZZYLOOKUP: creating fuzzy logic for ranking orientation and pattern formation

AGGREGATE: Aggregating values from a set of records to reproduce new values.

AUDIT: audits with packages and task level metadata such as instances, names of a machine, package details and sources.

CHARACTERMAP: maps character data into relevant type of operations like lower case upper case through string level operations of SQL

MULTICAST: multicasting of a data source into multiple destinations

CONDITIONALSPLIT: Output conditioning through configured Boolean expressions which splits the result into pipelines as per condition

COPYCOLUMN: Copies a Column to the output for transformation

IMPORTCOLUMN: image specific column import from database flat file.

LOOKUP: searches a data source with exact match to a reference to a object set

MERGE: Sorted Data sets merged in a single data for a data flow

MERGEJOIN: Single Dataset formation from two data sets by a join function.

ROWCOUNT: Storing the row count-result into a variable from the data flow / transformation

ROWSAMPLING: Gathers sample data by row counting in dataflow

UNIONALL: combining of multiple data sets.

PIVOT: Converting rows into columns during data warehouse building strategies – Normalization process

UNPIVOT: Building Data Warehouse by un-structuring data into columns from rows – de-normalization

Q. 10 Figure out the use of Lookup Component.

Answer: Lookup searches for a joining data in a particular input column from other tables which is referenced here. It retrieves value to a specific requirement without forming separate individual table to get the value.

For example, under a CSV or a text file, it will search for the joining input value or the text onto the database corresponding to it, and if it finds as per the source of reference of joining data, it will return the data ID to that particular text retrieved with.

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