Tableau Interview Questions & Answers

Tableau Interview Questions & Answers

Questions that you may face while giving Tableau Interview

Are you making yourself prepared for the Tableau Interview?  If you are then the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to make yourself prepared with some Tableau Interview Questions. Tableau is the technology that is going to rule the world in the near future so it is better to have such a job. The reason for such preparation is that you will be able to impress the interviewer the most and you will not be surprised by any question that they ask. You may be thinking about where to get such questions which may be asked. We have taken the pain to collate such questions over here so that you find it easier to go through those and be prepared.  Besides being prepared for the interview regarding questions there are various other aspects that you need to care about. Your travel plan should be such that you are not late in reaching the interview venue. It is better to be early than to be late. The next thing is the dress that you wear; you must be well dressed and should be wearing formal clothing. Try to have direct eye contact with the interviewer; this will help you to have a certain level of confidence. The final thing that you need to be prepared about is to make your mindset up such that you do not get panicked by any situation. It may so happen that even after taking such preparation you are not certain about an answer. Do not get panicked, take your time to recollect the answer and then provide the correct one. It is better to tell the interviewer that you cannot recollect the answer than to give a wrong answer. Now as you know what the preparations that you need to take let us come to the questions that you may be asked.

What is Tableau?

This may be the first question that you may be asked. It is a question whose answer is definitely known to you but then also to be on the safer side, the answer is that Tableau is software which is such that it allows one to connect to data and then be able to visualize and generate dashboards which are interactive and shareable in nature.

What is LOD in Tableau?

It is a syntax that helps aggregation in all sections other than the view level.

What is data visualization?

This may be the first amongst the Tableau Interview Questions that you face. We know that you are acquainted with Tableau and you also know the answer to this question but just to refresh your memory it is good to have a look at the answer. The answer is that it refers to the technique which allows organizing and presenting your information in a proper manner. If you are using Tableau the by using such visualization you can respond quickly having help from your data. The technique of Tableau visualization allows you to use your data for various advantages and it does not become an unutilized asset.

What is the difference between the different natures of filters that you know?

Being conversant with Tableau you must know that there are various filters that are used for restricting data from the database. Namely, they are Quick Filter, Normal Filter and Context Filter.

  • A normal filter is those which can be sued to restrict the flow of data from the database depending upon some extent or measures which are predetermined. You can bring this into effect by just dragging a field onto the shelf of the filter.
  • Quick Filter is used to seeing the nature of the filter that is used. It helps to filter every worksheet and to change the values according to a predefined range.
  • You can filter the data that is transferred to each worksheet by using a Context Filter. When there is a quire from a worksheet regarding data source then it creates a temporary table that is used to calculate the chart. This table of temporary nature contains all data that is not filtered out either by Custom SQL or Context Filter.

You may have to know the answer but the benefit of reading this in this manner is that you do not have to think what to say when. You have it fully prepared and as the question is asked you are ready to deliver the answer in the proper format.

What do you know about data blending and when is it used?

You may be thinking what a silly question to ask. As anyone having knowledge about Tableau should know the answer. Yes, certainly you are right but such questions are asked in an interview to gauge the clear concept that you have about the subject. So, this may be the next amongst the Tableau Interview Questions that you are asked. The answer is quite simple. According to Tableau this nature of the blending of data is the capability to acquire data from different sources of data without using any nature of codes. This nature of blending of data can be used in Tableau for the below reasons:

  • If you want to filter fields in the secondary dimension.
  • If you intend to use a secondary dimension while viewing.
  • You can likewise link data from two different sources that are not in view.

This should be the properly organized nature of the answer which you must give so that the interviewer knows that you have a clear concept about the subject.

State the difference between twb and twbx

Again you may be thinking what a question to ask. It is better to be prepared than to be overconfident. You must know the answer but let us see how it should be represented so that you can impress the interviewer the most. The answer is:

  • twb does not contain any data, it contains the selections and layouts that one has made in their Tableau worksheet. It is an xml document.
  • Whereas twbx is a nature of archive which is zipped and contains twb and certain external files which deal with extracts and images which can be used in the back ground.

Tell what you know about Aggregation and Disaggregation?

This may be a known question to you but may not be for some. So, let us see the proper answer.

Aggregation is the process by means of which one can view values or measures which are numeric in nature at an advanced and more abridged level of data. As you place a data on to the shelf what Tableau does is that it automatically aggregates the data by summing it up. It is easy to know what aggregation is applied as it shows up as the field name like if you put data on sales it becomes SUM(Sales). This functionality can be used in Tableau for data sources which have relations.

Disaggregation is that functionality in Tableau which allows the viewing of every row of the source of data that is being used. This tool is very useful while analyzing data. You can aggregate the age field in survey data to know the average age of those who participated and again you can disaggregate that very data to know exactly at what age those who participated disliked the survey product.

So, now you are fully prepared with this question which may be asked.

Explain the difference between group and sets?

This is also a simple looking question amongst the Tableau Interview Questions. You may know the answer but there is a chance that you may get confused. So, it is better to be prepared. The answer is:

  • When immense quantities of dimensions are combined to form a category of higher-level it is called a group.
  • Set on the other hand creates a custom field. This is based on the current dimension which can be utilized for encoding the view with various dimension members of varying levels.

How to perform testing in Tableau?

Tabjolt is the process by means of which you can perform any nature of testing upon Tableau. This tool can be used to force workload upon Tableau Server and understand the nature of bending or breaking of the server.

Explain Page Shelf?

This feature of Page shelf helps to analyze data while using Tableau. It can be sued to analyze data based on values that are individually present in a field.

So by now, you know some of the questions that you may be asked at such an interview. There are various other questions which you must be prepared so that you do not fumble while you give an answer to a question asked. Let us see some of the other Tableau Interview Questions that you may be asked.

Explain the addition of custom color in the tableau

There are three natures of color that you can add in tableau. They are categorical, sequential and diverging. One can create own color palette by changing the preferences.tps file. This file is located in the My Tableau Repository. This file which is an XML file can be opened in a text editor and the necessary modification made. The Tableau 9.0 version offers a color picking option.

Can you explain assume referential integrity

This is a concept which makes certain that the relationship between different database remains constant. In other words, it ensures that the reference to data is consistently maintained. The query performance can be improved when you select this option. If you use this option then Tableau will bring in those tables in the query only if it is certainly referred in the field.

Yes, you may know this answer but as said earlier it is better to keep one organized than to fumble in front of the interviewer.

Explain the nature of the usage of Joins and Blending

Join should be used when the data that you are using is from a single source. But if the data that you are working with is not at a single place then blending is to be used.

You must have noticed that the questions that the interviewer is asking are about the basic concept of Tableau. It is better to have the concept clear so that no such incident occurs where you find yourself in a position where you find yourself difficult to come out.

Explain default data blending

We have seen that data blending is the functionality that allows bringing together of data from different sources onto a single Tableau view where no special coding is necessary. Default data blending is the functionality which is similar to left outer join.

Can you explain the blended axis?

Your answer should definitely be yes to this question amongst the Tableau Interview Questions. The answer to this question is that in Tableau it is seen that measures can take up a single axis which enables all marks to be shown in a singular pane. When measures are blended then instead of adding rows and columns there is a single such row or column where all the values for a particular measure are shown.

Explain story according to Tableau

In Tableau story is a single sheet where worksheets and dashboards are there which are worked upon to convey information. One can create different stories to demonstrate how facts are associated, context can be provided, reveal how decisions recount to outcomes, or a compelling case be made. Every sheet in such a story is called story point.

Explain discrete and continuous in relation to a tableau

There are two types of roles for data in tableau. They are discrete and continuous.

  • The data roles where values are considered as discrete and separate and can take individual values within a range are the discrete role.
  • On the other hand, continuous data roles are those which are used to measure data that are continuous in nature and they can take up any value.

How can one join database and flat file?

This question may also seem to be simple and basic to you. But for the benefit of all, it is better to know the proper answer to this question also. The answer is that you can join data by connecting them for two times. One time is for the database and again once for the flat file.

How is data normalized for usage in Tableau?

If the data which is in excel format is already formulated then there is less option of viewing, aggregating and grouping the data using Tableau. It cannot see the points of data that are underlying and those that have already been summarized. So, in order to have full advantage of the full functionality of Tableau the data should be normalized before it is made available for Tableau.

What are the new features that have been included in Tableau 9.0?

This may be another question which you are asked by the interviewer to gauge if you are up to date with the recent development. The answer to this question is that the features that are incorporated are:

  • Visual Analytics: There are various natures of changes that have been incorporated. Like type-in shelves, Freeform calculations, Geographic search and New calculation editor.
  • Enhancement of speed: The speed of the new version is 3-4 times more than the current version.
  • Changes pertaining to data preparation: Over here also there are various new implementations. Like unpivoting, API connector and automatic splitting of data.
  • Storytelling changes: There are changes in front and background color.
  • Changes in enterprise section: The server that will be used would be more secure and faster.
  • Usage of a cloud: It will have the ability to connect directly with the cloud.
  • You can use it when you are on the move: There will be an option which will allow you to use this while you are on the move and for such usage, you will not be requiring any internet connection also.

Mostly these are the types of questions that are asked during an interview pertaining to the tableau. But all said and done it must be said that there is a factor of instability attached to an interview. It is better to prepare the above Tableau Interview Questions. The main reason for such preparation is that so that the interviewer does not be able to find a place where they can make you bow down. The questions that we have discussed above may now be looking to be simple but when you seat at the hot seat they may be difficult to recollect if they are not well prepared. So, prepare well before you head off for the interview. During the interview keep a cool head. In order to confuse you, they may be saying the simple thing in a difficult manner. So, take your time to analyze the question before you give the answer. Make yourself clear as to what they are trying to ask than answer.

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